We at Sophibelle believe that every girl is Beautiful, Unique and Powerful.

We strive to empower girls for greatness.

Our Mission

Our mission at Sophibelle is to increase girls self-esteem and confidence by making sure that every girl knows that she is Beautiful, Unique, and Powerful

We teach girls to believe in themselves and their abilities to impact the world in a positive way. 

We believe that every girl is a princess and deserves to know and own her beauty, her uniqueness, and her power!

Here at Sophibelle we encourage young girls to embrace who they are, know that they are uniquely beautiful and empowered to dream big and live their dreams!

We encourage girls to focus on inner beauty as well as outer beauty.  We challenge young girls to discover their uniqueness and embrace it.  We teach that it is uniqueness that makes them special and gives them their personal power, to respect and value themselves as well as others, and the importance of having proper etiquette, good mannerism, and personal pride in themselves and in everything that they do.

Our mission is to help girls discover their uniqueness, gifts and talents and help them nurture them and watch them grow.

Our Values

We believe in God

We seek Gods guidance in everything that we do

We believe in ourselves

We believe in each other

We believe in humanity

We believe everyone deserves love and respect